December 15, 2011

Advent Countdown Causes Slight Panic

Since Gwen is too small to comprehend an advent calendar and I've been banned from Trader Joe's due to a slight Peppermint Joe-Joe fetish, we don't have the chocolate one I prefer. So, we've been using this big ol' snowman one I got a few years ago. Gwen likes to hold onto the little candy cane for dear life while I count down the days.

While this sounds romantic and like a "Mommy teaching baby her basics" moment, I have to admit that it typically results in me getting frustrated that she won't put the candy cane in the slot. I then yank it from her clammy little hands and put it in the slot which is followed by  a slight temper tantrum until I let her play with the snowman's nose. It just didn't feel right writing that first paragraph and leading everyone on like that. 

Anyways, can you believe we've only got 9 more days left? What the what? I'm beginning to freak out a little. I don't even have the proper wrapping paper or bows, or ummm, I don't know, presents. Is this what advent calendars are all about? A constant daily reminder of the things you have to do and how time is dwindling away? I like them much better when there's candy involved. We're definitely getting a chocolate one next year.

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