December 13, 2011

Gwyneth {11 Months}

Gwyneth you are 11 Months Old Today!

You’re an almost-walking, screeching, adorable little baby these days. Everyday you astonish us with something new you’ve learned.

While taking a bath you like to eat the bubbles in the bathtub and on occasion smash your face in the water. You'll cough and sputter a little but keep right on going along with bath time.

When Daddy comes home from work you grin from ear to ear. You go with him upstairs and spend some time together while he changes out of his work clothes. You like to crawl around on the bed while he does this and only one time did you fall and bonk your head on the bedside table.

You absolutely love Homer. You crawl over to wherever he is laying and smack him in the face, play with his tail, body slam him, you name it. Lucky for you he’s a kind and patient dog who only once in awhile gets annoyed with this torture. You try to do the same to Sophie but she steers clear of you.

You’ve rediscovered your voice and love to yell at the top of your lungs. You scream and yell ‘”da da da da” all day long.

You have become quite adventurous and are constantly hurting yourself. In one week you flipped over a toy and your father's legs head first, poured a cup of tea on your arms and dunked yourself in the bathtub. Now that you've figured out how to get up the stairs we've got our eye on you at all times.

You are picking up on things with a rapid pace. You now know how to draw with a crayon and also how to use our iphones, to name a few.

You decided to start eating baby food again! What a joyous day for all of us. We knew you couldn’t sustain yourself for long solely off of graham crackers and milk.

Every night when we go to bed I miss your lovely face and can’t wait for the fun we’re bound to have the next day. Your Daddy and I love you more than words can ever describe and we’re so lucky to have you in our lives. Happy eleven month birthday baby girl!

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