December 13, 2011

Practice Christmas

As we sat watching Gwen play with her world's-most-awesome-Christmas-train under the tree we got to talking about the values of Christmas. Which ones we want to adopt which we don't and how we're supposed to instill said values into our children.

The beauty of Gwen's age is that this is year is practice. This is where we get to learn what it's like to be parents during Christmas without the threat of screwing it up and scarring our child for life (you know you remember that one Christmas, it exists for everyone no matter how perfect your parents are).

For instance, she won't remember how her mother let her play with every toy that she's gotten as a gift the entire month before Christmas. She will be just as surprised to play with her toy Christmas morning. And I'm fairly certain this is the only time that can happen.

This is just the beginning of a bunch of mistakes I'm sure we'll make. But knowing that they're not life altering and won't be spoken of as years to come (ask me to tell you my story about decorating the Christmas tree and liver someday) makes it that much easier to sit back and enjoy the wonder and merriment of the holiday season instead of worrying about if what we're doing is right.

And don't worry, I saved a couple toys that she hasn't played with yet that she'll be getting Christmas morning. You know,  just incase she's a genius baby making memories or something of the sort.

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