January 5, 2012

One Day

After Christmas the husband took off some much needed time from work. He’s an 8-5 working man who commutes an hour each way to the office. He leaves at 7 in the morning and gets home around 5:30 in the evening. Having him around for those extra precious vacation days doubled as a vacation for myself.

While he’s at work during the day it’s just the baby and I. While I find it fun as well as a privilege to entertain an 11-month-old baby all day, it can get pretty lonesome.

I completely forgot about that until Tuesday came around, when Jake had to head back to work. There we sat, at 1pm in the afternoon, just the baby and I, asking ourselves, “what to do now?” We had exhausted all the toy options (old & new), I already did my daily cleaning tasks and there we were with 5 more hours to kill and only one nap left.

When Jake came home from work I relayed the message that I need to be sure and find something to do this week because I’m getting cabin fever. And to that he replied, “And it’s only been one day!”

How quickly the mind can forget such things.

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