January 4, 2012

2012's Word

I like the idea of thinking of one specific word to encompass your goals, dreams, resolutions and plans for the new year that lies ahead of us. I'm not sure who sparked the trend, but this is the best in depth, well-written description of the process here.  Take a looksy  at a list she's compiled of everyone else's submitted words here.

I've decided to join in on the fun and pick my own word for 2012.

My life works like this:

  • I think of something.

  • I revel in how great this something is.

  • I dive wholeheartedly without abandon, realizing that my skills are perfect for this something.

  • I live, breath and die this something until I've achieved what I wanted.

  • I then ditch said something and move on to the next great something.

 It's high time I accept this as positive and embrace it. Which is why I've chosen achieve for 2012.

I chose it simply because of it's open-ended optimism. To reach or attain a certain desired object, level or result by using your skills. Does it get any better than that?

Looking back on 2011 I can say that I was bouncing around aimlessly achieving things I didn't even realize I was achieving. So what happens if I bounce around 2012 with a purpose and a goal of achievement? Instead of focusing on what I didn't achieve, turn the tables and take a look at the achievements that are passing by unnoticed. What am I going to achieve today? What did I achieve last month?  Nothing in particular, just achieve. Sounds like a good idea to me.

So 2012, I welcome you with open, achieving arms. I can achieve anything and everything, it's true.

I was looking through Pinterest for an inspirational quote to use with this post and nothing encompassed what I wanted. So I made up my own. Feel free to download, share and print to your heart's desire.

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Look at that, I achieved something already.

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