January 13, 2012

The Baby Girl - A Short Story

Once upon a time there was a baby girl. She liked to crawl around, drink from a bottle and grace the world with her cuteness one chubby cheek at a time.

One week she slept a whole lot, giving her Mommy a ton of free time to do whatever it is that Mommies do while babies nap.

Day after day clothes became smaller and smaller until finally her Daddy proclaimed, “these nine-month pants are too small!” So the big girl twelve-month sized clothes were brought in and all was well.

Then one glorious day, as the little girl stood upon her castle and smiled, something was different. The baby girl didn’t seem like a “baby” anymore. She drank from cups, started walking and said real words.

And so it had happened, the baby had turned into a little girl.

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