January 10, 2012

Crepe Paper Banner Tutorial

When I was out shopping for ladybug party supplies for the upcoming party I came across polka dot crepe paper. POLKA DOT CREPE PAPER PEOPLE! The polka dot theme got a whole lot more serious after this discovery.  Thus, the crepe paper banner was made.

Cut your crepe paper into strips.

Fold the top two to four inches backwards, over the yarn.

Staple making sure the back of the staple is on the facing the back of your banner (the folded side).

Now hang that diddy up wherever you want to make a bold statement, like behind your daughter's high chair for her first birthday party.

*Post-edit See this banner in action here.*

{Ispiration from: eighteen25's guest post by Jen Johnson}

{Also, I am linking up to these linky parties, go check 'em out for inspiration galore!}

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