February 29, 2012

Happy March & Featured Sponsor, Pick Your Plum

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Happy March everyone!

I'd like to take the time to introduce our feature sponsor for the month,

If you haven't heard of them, you'll want to be sure to signup for their daily deals to be delivered to your inbox. Don't turn and run at the sound of "daily deal site" just yet. They are a crafting supplies daily deal site. You heard me, crafting supplies.

I recently purged my inbox of all the daily groupon type sites when I realized I hadn't bought a single thing from any of them in over six months.   Pick Your Plum was the only subscription I kept, seeing as they are the only ones I've ever purchased from. This is because they actually offer quality, great deals on things that I actually want. And they run out of stuff which doesn't really sound like a perk, but it always bothers me when a company advertises urgency about a great deal that you need to jump on, only to see them offering the same thing the next day. Makes it less of a steal if you ask me.

Here are just a few of the cute things they sell at ridiculously steep discounts:

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="420" caption="Spring colored vinyl. 4 sheets for $4, transfer paper that cheap too. Cricut normally sells 2 of these rolls for $10 at Michael's. "][/caption]

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="420" caption="2 rolls of washi tape for only $3.99"][/caption]

  • They have limited supplies on some of the most swank supplies and have agents out in the field who find killer deals on high quality products.

  • They delicately slap prim-o crafting supplies on our site at a stellar price!

  • They sell it 'til it's gone or 'til time is up.

  • You leave feeling like you just won Martha in a crafting contest.

  • The supplies arrive in 7-8 shipping days and you've just picked your 'plum'! Doesn't it feel good?

{Exceprt from Pick Your Plum's Site}

For the month of March I will be featuring the daily deal via our Facebook page as well as a little button on my sidebar. Happy plumming everyone!

Also say hello to our other equally as awesome sponsors:



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