February 3, 2012

Insta-Friday {13th Edition}

I thought about just skipping 13 and making this the 14th edition. You know, like the hotels do with the 13th floor. But that's just silly. 

1.) Our weather has been all sorts of weird lately and I feel bad when it's sunny outside and we're inside. So in an attempt to spend at least an hour outside everyday we suited up and took a walk. It was freezing. I no longer feel bad about being inside.

2.) I made sure our babysitters had some after school snacks. It should be noted that they are of drinking age. And they liked the snacks.

3.) Apparently we have a new routine of hanging out on the deck after lunch.

4.) Mama had an interview and got to get all gussied up.Consequently I figured out my blouse looks even better with the top button buttoned. This couldn't have come at a better time seeing as my knockers are HUMUNGOUS due to weaning. I mean my goodness, I feel on display in a turtle neck.


1.) We got to take a nice little weekend retreat up to the in-law's vacation cabin in Tahoe.

2.) Sigh, Tahoe was exactly what we needed this weekend. It was an escape from the real world that we didn't even know we needed so badly.

3.) My nephews flew all the way from Orlando, FL to Las Vegas, NV all by themselves! They are seasoned travelers and have been talking about flying by themselves for months. Can you imagine seeing those two handsome men on your flight?

4.) Sophie looking all cute and cozy. Never you mind that she helped herself to chocolate chips and shortening off the baking shelf in the pantry this week.

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