February 2, 2012

What to do this Weekend {Valentine's Edition}




This weekend is full of great (and cheap, I might add) things to do with the kids. I am personally a huge fan of Michael's Make-It-and-Take-It events where you purchase an item (don't forget those 40% off coupons) and they supply you with all the little gee-gaws and tools to decorate it.

If that's too girly for your little boys (which, by the way there are plenty of boys at Michael's if you're concerned) you can always go the Home Depot route.

A cute hint for the husbands out there. Take your children to this event to create a card for their Moms. Win major points. Moms, just click on an icon at the bottom of the event to share with your husband. An anonymous tip in his inbox wouldn't hurt anyone, would it?

We'd love to see your children's creations! Snap a couple photos and come and share them on our Facebook wall.

There are plenty more great events like this going on throughout the entire month. Visit our events tab to see more.


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