February 17, 2012

Insta-Friday {15th Edition}

  1. Over the weekend we were out and about splurged on a little Starbucks. Starbucks is one of those things that I realized is a complete waste of money so it's a rare occasion when we allow ourselves to kiss $5 goodbye for 10 minutes of coffee goodness. And what luck! They had Valentine's Day cups. It was kind of really cool.

  2. We like to give Gwyneth a little free time from her diaper every once and awhile. This is totally ridiculous and we realize this. It has resulted in pee and poo in various places around the house and as gross as that sounds, it's hilarious. This time it resulted in pee all over her mega blocks. You'd think this would deter us from giving her nakie free time, but it's too cute and a kid's butt has to get some diaper-free time, doesn't it?

  3. I discovered a box of cake mix makes 24 mini cupcakes and an appropriate amount of cake pops. So the mini cupcakes (which I burnt) were topped with rainbow heart sprinkles..

  4.  Our laundry room door is a godsend and the dogs like to sit in front of it and pout when it's closed. It's what keeps little bit away from pouring their water all over the floor and throwing dog food everywhere.

And that was our week in instagrams. Feel free to follow me, my name is RenoSparksMom. I'd love to see what you were up to this week. Do tell!

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