February 24, 2012

Insta-Friday {16th Edition}

It's that time of week again. Time to dump all those pictures from the ol' iphone and see what our week consisted of. I'm proud to say this week happened to be full of baked goods and snowmen.

  1.  Over the weekend I tried out a chocolate chip recipe that boasted it was the best. Let me just tell you that that recipe made hands down the best freaking cookie I've ever laid eyes on. Oh man. I will be sharing the complete recipe on Tuesday. Meanwhile, we shared them with some family but not all the family because we wanted to have them all to ourselves. Don't feel bad for the rest of the family, they got cupcakes. Speaking of which I totally found a white cake mix recipe that finally tasted like white cake mix, not corn bread. I will share in due time.

  2. We got a light dusting of snow last week (finally) and our front yard is pretty well shaded from the afternoon sun, which meant fabulous snowman making snow. We suited up and played in the front yard and the baby liked the snow a lot more when it was powdery and hours fresh  compared to the icy month old snow we put her in up at Tahoe a few weeks ago. It took her a little while but she finally figured out just how awesome snow can be and also maybe got trampled by the dogs who were romping in the snow. She cried a little as I dusted the snow out of her pink princess sunglasses and carried on like a trooper.

  3. & 4. 7 years ago I studied abroad in France and I was given a firsthand learning experience by my french Host Mom on Crepe Day  (jours des crepes, which is really a thing) how to make crepes. For years since my return from France my husband has asked for me to make crepes, constantly telling me about some other girl who came back from France and made crepes all the time. For my birthday last year I was given Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking cookbook. Yet I still haven't made a single crepe. On Monday it finally happened. I made my first batch of crepes a la Julia Child, in the blender. She totally tells you to make them in the blender and with brandy. The brandy made them taste like brandy but all in all they were delicious and fun to make. I think they will become a recurring thing on our menu from here on out.

And that marks the second week that of Gwen-less Insta-Fridays. What is going on in the world?! What'd you do this week? Whip up anything fun in the kitchen? Did you go to Target? Didya?

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