February 9, 2012

Our Valentine's Philosophy: Less Complaining.More Sexy Rumpus.

Valentine’s Day has been a touchy subject for years in our house. As a fan of any and all holidays I would make grand plans for the 14th and they would never live up to any expectations. Jake would sit back each and every year and propose the idea that perhaps we should just go out the night before or after Valentine’s Day. I of course responded with a gasp and the following statement, “Go out for Valentine’s Day NOT on Valentine’s Day? Blasphemy!”

And then it happened. After years of mediocre Valentine’s Day dates we had the worst one ever. Naturally it happened to be the one I put the most planning into. I had done my research and found a highly rated (and expensive) restaurant in a quaint mountain town an hour away. I made our reservation months in advance. It was going to be perfect and dreamy, I knew it.

Lets just say it was snowy and icy which didn’t do well for my heels and dress I got especially for the occasion. The restaurant and food left a lot to be desired and the romantic atmosphere was ruined by the children who came in for hot cocoa after their day of skiing.

That was the day I came over to the husband’s way of thinking. What’s the deal with this one day anyway? What makes it worth putting up a fight for a reservation, spending all your money and exchanging typically crappy gifts? Why not do it another day that isn’t the 14th? Does it really matter?

According to this article from the Consumerist there are statistics proving that if anything, staying in on the 14th and going out any other day is the smarter option and looks like more people are jumping on the bandwagon.

“According to a new survey by the Zagat folks, 44% of couples intend on dining out this Valentine's Day. Even worse, the average expected dinner tab comes out to $147/couple, compared to the regular check for two of around $43.”

So, we’re finally not celebrating Valentine’s Day this year, for the most part. I’m proud to finally acknowledge that this isn’t jaded or cynical, it’s just plain intelligent.

P.S. Go to the Oatmeal and read The Worst Thing About Valentine's Day (a comic). "Less complaining. More sexy rumpus." Amen Oatmeal, amen.


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