February 28, 2012

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

The other week we had guests over for dinner and I wanted  a dessert that would not only be delicious but something we would enjoy as leftovers. Jake is constantly begging for chocolate chip cookies so I resigned to the usual Nestle Tollhouse recipe. I've never liked this recipe but am always at a loss for a different one. Needless to say they were a huge disappointment, flat and crumbly, a resemblance of toffee more than cookies.  I've tried adding extra baking soda before but that just made them airy. Long story short I'm fed up with Nestle Tollhouse's chocolate chip recipe and decided to find a new one.

I happened to come across Tidy Mom's blog post about the New York Times chocolate chip cookie recipe which she boasted to be "The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie." I bookmarked it as a good resource for my future cookie endeavors.

When my cookie loving Father-in-Law was coming over to babysit I knew it was time to try out this claim of "the best chocolate chip cookie." Let me just say, hot damn, these things are PHENOMENAL.

I followed the directions to the T. Don't be scared of the fancy "cake" and "bread" flour. Cake flour is available in the flour section of any store. It comes in a box as opposed to the normal bags. Bread flour can be found in the flour aisle as well. My pastry expert resource, Rachel Black, tells me to be sure and get the Gold Medal "Better for Bread" flour, that has yellow on the bag.

  I weighed them into the perfect "golf ball" size, which makes for a large cookie. I found a note on the recipe from My Baking Addiction's blog that says, "for regular sized cookies, use a heaping tablespoon and bake for approximately 12 minutes." So if a smaller cookie floats your boat, don't fear.

Everyone agrees, these are the best freaking chocolate chip cookies of all time.

In a quest to spread the word that is this magnificent recipe, here it is.


Now go forth and join the revolution of great, quality chocolate chip cookies for all! You will without a doubt wonder why you've been wasting your time on that Tollhouse nonsense all this time.

[Tidy Mom via New York Times]

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