March 12, 2012

5 Things to Do This Week

Now that we've gained an hour to our day and we're all rearing to go for Spring I find it quite sucky that the weather is going to be gloomy. Let's face it, Spring doesn't exactly start until the 20th so we'll just have to wait patiently for our spring weather. That being said, there's plenty of indoor things to do this week ranging from crafts, basketball games and fun stuff to do up at Galena Creek.

1. Bighorns vs. Dakota Wizards games on Friday & Saturday evening

Bighorns games are great, clean family entertainment for as little as $8.

2. Make- It-and-Take-It  Headband & A Pink & Amethyst Mix Necklace

Make a couple things at Micahel's for free. If you play your cards right it looks like you could camp out all day and make both. I'm imagining this is more geared for older children to adults, but they don't specify either.

3. Galena toddlers  

Head up to Galena State Park for a fun morning filled with nature based crafts and activities.

4. Six Flags Opening Weekend

Road trip! Head out to Six Flags, wear green and get in for $20.12

5. Girl Scouts 100th Birthday Party

Head over to the Eldorado and have some cake while celebrating the Girl Scouts turning 100.

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