March 29, 2012

Apparently I Have a Thing for Peeps

Do you ever realize you’re passionate about something and you’ve never even noticed?

My husband took a business trip to Washington DC. When he returned he brought back the best souvenir a man could ever bring his wife, a bag full of Peeps from the Peeps store. Peppermint Peeps, chocolate reindeer Peeps, regular Peeps. I was in heaven as I devoured all three packages over the course of a week (don’t judge).

Easter rolls around and as I unpack my box of decorations while eating Peeps, I pull out Peeps after Peeps decoration.

Every Easter idea I pin on the web revolves around Peeps. It's true, look at my Easter board.

Then I get an email that reads, “P.S. Easter always reminds me of you because of your love for Peeps!”

Would you believe me if I told you I had no idea about any of this? When I asked the husband how he knew I’d love the Peeps he brought me he said, "Simple, you have a thing for Peeps."

I guess he’s right. I have a thing for Peeps.

PS- the word Peeps was used 15 times in this post.


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