May 28, 2012

Crazy Tahoe Trip Recount

This weekend we were invited up to the in-law's mansion in the sky (a 4 bedroom monstrosity of a cabin in Lake Tahoe). You never say no when the opportunity to stay at the cabin arises. Everyone in the family drops what they're doing and magically appears when the beacon of opportunity is lit. So, I created this insane plan to weave a trip to Tahoe into our already booked weekend.

I got off work at 11:30 on Friday and thought it would be a great idea if I drove myself insane in an attempt to meet Sir Sunderland at his office at 4:30. I kept a much needed lunch date with a girlfriend at 11:45. I then went to walmart where I had to pickup Sir Sunderland's meds as well as some heavy whipping cream for Sir Sunderland's bday cake. I then had to go home, make my complicated chocolate frosting and be at baby G's daycare in half an hour. After managing to frost the cake, I was only 15 mins behind schedule picking up Baby G. We then headed off to the muffin shop to pickup Sir Sunderland's fav muffins and proceeded to get stuck in high school traffic on the way home. Finally we get back home where I rush around in a frenzy situating dog food and water, stocking the bunnies up and making sure I didn't miss a darn baby item to be packed. We were in the car, ready to go, 10 mins behind (which some people might view as a bad thing, but for me, especially in this insane situation,  is awesome.)

Baby G wakes up halfway to our destination and requires attention. I change her diaper only to discover the fact that I didn't put any diapers in her diaper bag, because the mass quantity we packed was in Sir Sunderland's car. So what's a girl to do but use her resources. I stuff tons of tissue into baby G's outfit, snap her up and go.

We arrive at Sir Sunderland's offices 20 minutes later than planned. Sir Sunderland was waiting, diapers at the ready, for us in the parking lot. We swapped cars, changed the baby and away we went.

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