May 25, 2012

Tracking Your Period Leads to Baby Fever

Have you ever charted your period? I’m 27 and  just started doing it. Some may wonder why I didn’t do it before. In fact, I’ve wondered the same thing. Especially since I was in a constant panic of getting pregnant from the age of 17 to 26 and bought way too many pregnancy tests than should be allowed.

Well, my friends, it's simply because  iphones and period tracking calendar apps didn’t exist.

I recently downloaded an app which is discreetly named “My Days.” I think its main goal is to chart everything for getting pregnant, which is fun to see when you’re just tracking things to track them. It’s like a lesson about your body, the psychology behind your actions during any given time of the month and a fine reassurance that you’re not pregnant. Except when it was quite alarming to see “your period was supposed to start 5 days ago” on the bottom of the calendar.

Anyways. I highly recommend you get yourself this app or one like it. You can track when you’re “intimate” which is funny in itself to see on a calendar and really keeps you in check with that. Even I get a little depressed when I look at a calendar and don't see a red heart for awhile.

It tells you when you’re ovulating, which puts that week of uber-horniness into perspective, and it lets you know when you’re going to start that lovely aunt flo. So for once, you might be able to prepare for the event. Why does this always take me by surprise? It's not like it doesn't happen month after month.

Beware, however. All this tracking makes you acutely aware of how and when you can get pregnant. This may cause baby fever and may lead your husband to ask, “is this part of your ovulating? Thinking about baby names?”

It just might husband, it just might.


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