May 3, 2012

We're Having a Garage Sale on Saturday

A week or two ago a neighbor came and gave the husband a flyer for a community garage sale. I've been hoarding tons of stuff for a garage sale waiting for just the right time so I was excited to email the neighbor to join in on the fun. But I lost the damn flyer. From what I remember, I think it's May 5th. So.....there very well may be a community garage sale going on in the neighborhood off of Los Altos with the major cross roads being Canoe Hill Dr., Blue Skies Dr. & Pah Rah Dr.

We're off of Blue Skies Dr.

Even if there isn't a community garage sale going on, we'll be hanging out selling all our cool stuff. Like my old thong underwear. Kidding. But it feels like such a waste to throw them out.



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