July 13, 2012

18 Months Update {Gwyneth}

Dear Gwyneth,

You are 18 months old today and wow-ee have you been a growing girl.

You are a heavy sleeper who goes down for bed at 8pm and wakes up anywhere from 7:00 to 8:00 in the morning. Your naps last anywhere from 2 to 4 hours! We often wonder if you shouldn’t be as sleeping as much but can’t bring ourselves to wake you up. You’ve started crying a little as we put you down for bed and naps. We were very concerned about this until we got you a life-size stuffed animal of Curious George. You still cry occasionally, but in a few minutes you can be heard giggling and playing with your stuffed animals in your crib.
You only watch TV when you are feeling crummy or mommy needs you to hold still. The only cartoon we watch is Curious George. You love that show and will sit and watch with rapt attention. It also bodes well that it is the least annoying children’s programming available.
You have become crazily attached to a stuffed monkey that was given to me on a diaper cake from someone from my office the day before you were born. We call him “monkey” and you can be found with him tucked under your arm anytime of day. You like to shout and yell, “ahhh! Monkey!” whenever you see him across the room. Monkey was injured by Homer when he was left in the backyard. You were quite stricken with concern and demanded he be fixed at once. It was quite the ordeal for you.

You are a picky eater as in picky when and where you want to eat. You like to eat a lot of foods and are quite adventurous when trying new things. You like to take a “pretend” bite to fake us out whenever we give you something new but eventually you try it. That being said, you have you favorite food that you will only eat for about a week or two. Your current favorite foods are: cheese, otter pops, grilled cheese, quesadillas, asparagus, refried beans (you eat them plain, as if they’re baby food), yogurt and graham crackers. You eat your vegetables and like to eat your broccoli backwards, stem first. You’ve graduated up to a booster seat from your high chair but more often than not prefer to sit or stand on a chair without it. Or just run around. We’re working on that.

Your vocabulary is expanding daily and lately it’s becoming audible words instead of the gibberish we like to translate. You can say “uh-oh,” “bye-bye,” “baby,” “ma-ma,” “da-da” and “ow” clear as a bell. You say “ot” meaning hot and understand the entire concept of the word.

You really like the song, the isty-bitsy spider and like to make the little hand movements to go along with it.

You’re a crazed-woman when it comes to light switches and you can say “on” and “off” and understand what they mean.

You can make animal sounds. Your favorite is, of course the monkey sound. You can also say “meow” and when we ask you what a dog says you like to pant like Homer and Sophie do. Nobody taught you that, you just learned that on your own. You can also say “dog.”

You like to help around the house by putting the garbage into the garbage can, replacing the bag when we take it out and sweeping the floors. You love the laundry room and can push the buttons to start and stop the washer and dryer.

You love to read. You’ll hand us books or you can be found flipping through piles of books by yourself. Your hands down absolute favorite book is Knuffle Bunny. Mommy went to the library and checked out the next two Knuffle Bunny books to see if you’d like them. You ripped the pages out of one of them and we had to replace it for the library, that’s how much you loved it. You never grow tired of that book and it is the only one you will read from cover to cover.

You've got quite a bit of hair that's growing in. It's curly reddish blonde hair that only gets curlier by the day. You sometimes let mommy put a bow in it but for the most part you’ll rip it out in seconds.
Whenever you get hurt you typically don’t cry. Instead you like to lay your head on your mama’s shoulder and wait until you’ve calmed down. It’s got to be the most adorable thing that fills your mama’s heart to capacity.
We love you to pieces and are having a blast watching you grow into this little girl with opinions, a temper and very little patience. Your smile lights up the room and your laughter fills our hearts with so much joy. We thank our lucky stars that we are so blessed to get to have you in our lives and can’t wait to see how much you’re going to grow and learn.

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