July 12, 2012

Insert Heavy Sigh Here


Two weeks, two doctors appointments and one nasty cold turned ear infection later we're back home.

We've had to miss five collective days of work, stayed with our in-laws who were kind enough to care for our sick and cranky baby, lost money to a shitty daycare and had to deal with a sick baby who hasn't slept through the night since Sunday. Sunday!

I've drank more soda and eaten more candy and drumsticks than ever before. It's as if this transition to going back to work has been blessed by the devil himself.

We're back home and in our own beds, getting the antibiotics flowing and ready to regain our sanity.

Perhaps the next weeks will be blessed by something other than the devil? Oh how I do hope they are.

Here's to hoping your week has been better than ours and to the weeks ahead of us. May they be filled with unicorns, lollipops and mother freaking Swiss cake rolls and York peppermint parties. Amen.

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