August 27, 2012

2012 Ducky Races

Carrying on with our weekend of busy, on Sunday I was hell bent on going to the Humane Society's annual Duck races. Seeing as Gwen is a big fan of duckies and has about 20 in her bath tub I figured it'd be a hit. They charge $5 to adopt a rubber ducky that has a number on it, then dump them into the river and let them go down with the current. First one to cross win's a $400,000 cash prize, or so they said. While we were there, I kid you not, they announced the winner of the cash prize. Only there was no winner, because the duck that crossed first hadn't bene adopted. So instead of picking the next one, they straight up said, oh too bad, you should adopt a duck! That could've been yours! Sounds like a ploy to me.

We got there a little after they dumped the ducks into the river and we walked up to a section of the river where they were pooling. Being late actually worked to our advantage. We were able to stroll right down to the river and play. Gwen had a smile on her face while taking it all in. She was mesmerized by both the ducks and the water.

Naturally, we put her feet in the water and told her to throw the duck back in when she picked one that floated by up. We were then told that you can't touch the ducks or THE RIVER. Ha. They were really nice about it and understanding that this is something Gwen's dreams are made of but I mean, come on. You can't block off an entire river from the public. Especially with such cute little duckies floating in it.


So we went to the other side, past the ducks because it's just plain mean to have her near the ducks and let her play in the water. For someone who's slightly hesitant in the bath tub, she surprised us by practically throwing herself into the water. Before we knew it she was up to her chest kicking and playing around trying as hard as she could to break free from my death grip.

It turned out to be a lot of fun, which I'm gonna be honest here, I thought it'd be a flop. You know, one of those things I think the baby will love and realize she's too young for (the pumpkin patch last year is a perfect example of this). But it wasn't. She's getting older and starting to enjoy stuff more, which is proving to be quite fun.

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