August 24, 2012

And Then Came a Shopping Cart

As I pulled up the driveway in a ball of road rage that comes after the drive home, I was plesantly surprised to see a large package sitting behind our front gate. This is something I have gotten quite used to as we are spoiled rotten with family who loves us and mails us things all the time. So much so when there's a lull in the package area I need to keep my package-whore self in check by reminding myself that most people don't get packages filled with presents on a monthly basis. But this was not the day for such reminders for there was a package that contained a 19-month old's dream come true.

After Jake assembled it, this kid put monkey comfortably in his seat and tore through our house running over anything and everything that stood in her way.

You would have thought she'd been training for this moment all her life. Just laying in bed at night rehearsing  the moment she got a toy shopping cart in her hands.

Monkey was adjusted from the seat to the basket no less than a thousand times.

And when it was time for a bath there were many tears when she realized what we meant by "let's park it here!"

Thank you Mom and Dad! As usual, you nailed it right on the nose. Those grandparents, I tell you.

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