August 22, 2012

A Post Really About Nothing Peppered with Cute Pictures

I was fishing for pictures on Jake's phone and came across these silly pictures.20120820-204243.jpg

The mark on her forehead came when we picked her up from daycare and her provider asked, "did she have that when she came here?" to which we could confidently reply that it was not, in fact, there before she came to daycare.

He then told us about how they were playing outside and she came back in with a gash on her head but never made a peep. Typical Gwen, getting all banged up but never complaining. She reserves that for the really bad stuff, you know, like standing in a colander and falling flat on her face.

So on the car ride home I asked her about her day and if she got an owie. This invoked a steady 2 minutes stream of blabble with hand movements and lots of "uh-ohs."

Thus is how the mark on her head came to be.




And well, that's really all I have to say here. Baby playing in bed with Daddy while Daddy snaps 1,000 pictures of her being all cute because he always gets really bored when she plays "sleep" in the bed.

Don't forget to check out Recycle Rugrats' event this weekend. Bouncy House!

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