August 2, 2012

Are You Bored at Home?

You should think of joining this club. It's $15 a year and they seriously have something planned everyday of the week (not weekends). There really aren't many rules, just some etiquette that's a courtesy to follow (like RSVP'ing). You can just pick and choose whatever floats your fancy and show up. All of their events are tailored with both kids and moms in mind.

The process of joining may seem a little difficult, but it's in place for quite a few good reasons. Just email Shannon  at and she'll give you a few events you can come try out before you fill out the official paperwork and pay your dues to unlock the treasure trove that is the monthly calendar.

Here are a few events Gwen and I attended when I was blessed to get to stay at home and was lonely and bored. These are just a small taste of all the events they have. Just the other day we met a few moms down at the marina and spent two hours eating lunch and playing.

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