September 10, 2012

2012 Annual Tahoe Pilgrimmage

We finally made it up to Lake Tahoe for our annual trip this weekend. Going during the dog days of Summer is for chumps, September is the way to go. We got prime parking at Sand Harbor, a great little spot on the beach and it was still plenty warm enough to swim. 

But in all reality, this is what swimming in Lake Tahoe in the summer does to you.

No more than 15 minutes playing in the water, only up to her chest, floating in a tube, and she was shivering. It took us a good 10 minutes to reheat the poor child.

And here is an iconic picture of our day. Jake digging a hole so deep he reached the water, while explaining to Gwen how the moon makes the waves. And Gwen fully immersed in a bag of potato chips.

At one point during the day we reapplied sunscreen and needed her to sit still in the shade for 10 minutes. Our solution? We gave her the bag of potato chips. Worked like a charm.

Lake Tahoe, glad we could finally make it up for a swim. Until next time.

You can read about last year's trip to Tahoe here.

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