September 9, 2012

2012 Hot Air Balloon Races

This weekend we went to the annual Reno Balloon Races. We skipped last year as the responsible parents of an 8 month old. No way were we going to be the suckers pushing a bundled up, cold, baby in a stroller across a field way too early in the morning. This year we figured since Gwen spots planes in the sky before we can even see them, she would probably appreciate the hot air balloons. We held firm on skipping the early morning "dawn patrol." That should be reserved for your drunken college days.

We woke up at our usual time, got ourselves decent and mosied down the street to the balloons. It was about 8:30 by that point, so there were still quite a few baloons in the sky but for the most were falling out of the sky. We parked on the side of the road and hiked to a landed balloon.

To say Gwen was excited would be an understatement. The minute we drove over the hill into the valley she was shouting from the back seat. "ball! ball!" There was animated pointing and excitement as we got closer and closer. 

It was pretty nuts the way she reacted. And the fact that she then got to run lose on a dirt trail? It was like we had given her a shopping cart all over again. 

It was pretty neat and boy are we glad we went. We couldn't decide if making the effort to go to the mass ascension was a good idea, but after seeing this little girl's reaction to it, we'll definitely be down there on the fields next year. It's such a neat, free, laid back event that I always think, "you only need to see it once." This is soooo not true. Each time I go I always have a great time and fall in love with Reno all over again.


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