September 24, 2012

He's Back....The Owl Fall Wreath

This weekend I had high hopes of cleaning my house and pulling out the Halloween decorations. I did mop my floors and maybe windexed a window, but other than that, the house is in no shape to have Halloween decorations added to it. There may or may not be some leftover 4th of July decorations sitting on a bookshelf waiting to be put away to give you an idea of why there really shouldn't be any added things. Decorating takes a lot of effort, the setup, the clean up, the organizing.

 I did, however, manage to get this guy back on the door.

This little guy was a big star last year and was featured on numerous sites last year.

 He was also featured in an e-book, Autumn on the Porch" from the website Front Porch Ideas and More. The e-book is chock full of 40 ideas of how to decorate that front porch for Autumn.

It's definitely leaves you ready to run and buy every pumpkin, mum plant and corn stalk available after seeing such inspiration.

You can purchase the e-book here and tell them Lauren sent you.

And in case you missed it from last year, here's the original Post from October 4, 2011.


Isn't it awesome? I saw the owl at Michael's in August and knew I wanted it on my door in October.

I actually didn't buy the owl when I first saw it. Of course when I went back, it was gone. Luckily I have an awesome Mom who found it in Vegas and what would you know? He was neatly packed in my birthday package.

The square twig wreath? I just happened to be at a Ben Franklin's on the 90% off day of their going out of business sale. I won't even tell you how how cheap it was ($2).

I'm quite pleased with the simplicity of it. And it's perfect for the entirety of Fall, wouldn't you say?

I'm linking this beauty up to the linky parties you can find here.


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