September 25, 2012

Pregnancy Questions?

Pregnancy is a fascinating, complex miracle that can make any woman’s head spin just thinking about how life is growing inside of them. As if trying to keep track of numerous doctor’s visits, following the right diet and exercising isn’t enough, you’re doing this all while battling morning sickness.

Pregnancy isn’t easy.

To help women, Renown is hosting a free online class as a part of its Online Health Series, Having a Baby, hosted by Dr. Bethel, of Renown Medical Group Women’s Health on October 3rd from noon to 1pm. During the one hour class he will discuss pregnancy, labor and delivery, what you can expect during each trimester of your pregnancy, including: prenatal visits, healthy habits, vitamins, ultrasounds and more.

I got a chance to talk with Dr. Bethel and asked him a few questions over on Renown’s Blog, Scribbles. Have you checked their blog out? I'd highly recommend it, they have great posts that are insanely helpful to us moms. To hear what he had to say on topics such as dealing with morning sickness (that doesn’t involve eating saltines) and the stigma of c-sections,pop on over here and check it out.

I thought I knew it all and had it handled, seeing as I've been pregnant before. After our conversation I discovered how little I actually know and how much more useful information is available. So, even if you think you know it all, pop on over, you might find out something you didn't know.

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