September 4, 2012

Hello, Our Favorite Recipes


This long weekend we cooked and ate like kings. I had no idea we were eating so bare bones until we had the time and money to make a real menu that consisted of our classic favorites peppered with a few new ones.

Allow me to paint you a picture. Saturday night, an evening of shredded buffalo chicken sandwiches complete with bleu cheese for dipping. Sunday, a new pasta dish with blanched spinach and canellini beans. And finally, on Monday night the husband took the time to make his best dish, chicken marsala.

Where we really like to go all out, when we have the time, is at breakfast. We have our two favorites that take entirely too long to cook and leave our kitchen in shambles. But god, is it worth it. Crepes on Sunday morning, Belgian waffles on Tuesday. All smothered in whipped cream that’s been fluffed courtesy of the Kitchen Aid.

As we sat at our dining room table, eating chicken marsala leftovers with a spinach strawberry salad for lunch (see? I told you we lived it up), I couldn’t help but wonder what in the hell have we been doing?

Week by week we dread Thursday as we develop a menu filled with cheap, quick meals. Bean burritos, spaghetti and grilled cheese are frequent guests. With a hurried time crunch and a lack of funds, it’s no wonder we’ve been avoiding the lackadaisical meals we have planned. Our menu has been adapted to just plain suck since I’ve been back to work.

So, thank you 4-day-long Labor Day weekend, for renewing our sense of food. Because if we couldn’t get away to the lake, eating ourselves silly on gourmet food made by ourselves is a pretty good replacement.

Here are a few of our favorite recipes:

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