August 30, 2012

A Good Daycare Does Exist

Yesterday I got a phone call from our daycare. Let it be known that:

1.) I don't have our daycare's number saved in my phone and

2.) had no idea what the family who I trust our baby with daily's last name is.

So when he identified himself on the phone I had no clue who he was and honestly thought maybe it was a person calling for a job. Even though I haven't applied for a job in months.It wasn't until he said, "it's Gwen." It finally clicked who he was.

"She's got a runny nose, and well, she's just not doing well," he said. So in a calm fashion I said I'd be there in 20 minutes and ditched my husband's valium-induced ass at the dentist's office to go and get her.

When I got there I found the husband and wife daycare team snuggling my baby, giving her the attention her sick little self needed while the other children napped. The concern and compassion from them was evident as they explained to me her symptoms and how her little throat must be sore. They reminded me of myself when I  hurriedly explain the routine to my in-laws before heading out the door for a date.

Today Gwen is home with her Daddy today, recovering, running around the house watching more Curious George than should be legal and sucking down otter pops as if they're crack.

I just figured I'd document that there are good daycares out there, folks. In light of the terrible headlines, there are those few gems. The few people who treat your precious children as they are, precious children who deserve nothing but the best.

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