September 25, 2012

This One's For The Grandmas - Insta-Fri/Wednesday

Lately I've been skipping out on Insta-Friday. I hit a point of getting sick of crappy iphone photos complimented with thoughtless narrative. But then I looked at my camera roll, full of all these cute photos just begging to have their story be told, or taken off the iphone at the very least. But if I upload it to iphoto the stories get lost, so good news! Insta-Friday is back in the most wicked of fashions, loused with cynicism.

That and both my mother and grandmother complained in the same week about the lack of Gwyneth photos.

So I guess what I'm saying is this is an Insta-Friday type post, on a Wednesday because there are no rules here folks, I do what I want.


Gwyneth's shoes got a little too small super quick. The next thing you know, we're sitting at Famous Footwear where we spent 20 minutes as she strapped and unstrapped the velcro on these sandals. I gave in and bought her the most expensive shoes she's ever gotten. They cost $20.

I was once at a moms club get together in a gorgeous home up in Arrow Creek. We were all standing around talking and I thought a great conversation starter would be how apalled I was at the price of shoes. I then blurted out, "$15 for baby shoes at Walmart?!?! Are you kidding me?"

This was followed by a very long awkward silence.

As I looked around the beautifully decorated, gigantic living room with the expensive view of Reno in the background, I noticed all the children were wearing shoes that must be $50 or more.

That was when it became clear $15 was not, in fact, too much to be asking for children's shoes.

And I was a little of place.

That being said, the $20 sandals were still a hard price to swallow but totally worth it. She loves them, wears them everyday with socks and we're all happy about them.


Gywneth has a couple tea sets. We play pretend tea with them all the time. One morning I got bold and put water in the tea pot. 30 minutes and five soaked towels later, I realized I was never going to do that again.


Sleepy Curls Curls Curls.


While frantically interviewing daycares one happened to be scheduled directly after work. This meant dinner in the car, from Jack in the Box. I have a sneaking suspicion that we all probably eat out at fast food once in awhile and are totally ashamed of it. How often do you see a picture like this gracing Instagram?  I know I purposely avoid posting photos of myself stuffing my face with tacos as I'm driving around town. It's just not the highlight of my life and I have no interest in bragging about it. But I mean, come on, it was pretty damn convenient, there weren't any dishes to do when we got home and it didn't cost $40. And Gwen was totally quiet in the back of the car for the first time in weeks.

And, I'm totally proud of this well-crafted FB post and just wanted to share it with you all who may have missed it.



Moving on, here's a picture of Gwen reading to herself in her rocking chair.

See what I mean? Crappy quality iphone picture with thoughtless narrative.

Moving on.


Now this picture, this is an all-time favorite. I texted it to all grandparents, I think I'll print it out when I someday learn how to print out instagrams (don't print them out at Costco, it doesn't work). And then I'm going to blow it up on canvas for prosperity because that seems like what you do with photos these days. Instead of "put a bird on it" we've moved onto "put that on a canvas."


We went to a birthday party, there was a bounce house and it was awesome. Meredith, you threw one hell of a party. And can I say this? BEST GOODIE BAGS EVER!!! A little snack for the parents (which I'm sure was meant for the kids), a little snack for the kids, a bouncy ball, a kazoo and other awesome stuff. AND, they were in cute brown paper sacks with cute little stickers that said toodles. I'm proud of you Meredith, you knocked it out of the park, which is where the party was which is where we stayed and played for hours. It was a good time.


Gwyneth has pretty much stopped eating dinner. This may have to do with the fact that she eats a peanut butter sandwich during the commute from daycare in the evenings. Eh, we're not freaking out either way. But I did give her milk in her tea cup one night to get her to sit at the table for more than five minutes. This somehow escalated into applesauce in the tea cup and has now become "a thing" and I can't help but be so smitten with it and take a ton of photos and post them too many times. And her shirt totally has googly eyes on it.


Gywneth on the counter, next to a pot of soup that she stirred, in her lady bug dress up skirt that she demanded to wear all night.

Insta-Friday ladies and gentlemen!



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