October 24, 2012

A Traumatizing Trip To The Lady Doctor

*TMI Disclaimer: After posting what I thought was an informational and helpful post for women everywhere who could benefit from an app that tracks your period I received quite a bit of flack amongst our friends who were backed by my husband that this was TMI. As I dance this line of blogging for the purpose of keeping friends and family updated on our lives while also remaining relevent to my women readers who can relate, I am warning those who seem to think periods and womanly talk is too much information. If that's you, don't read today's post and come back tomorrow. If you're a woman who can relate to having their toddler join them at their obstetrician's office, read on.**

I had a lady doctor appointment and had no intention of bringing Gwyneth with me. As luck would have it, her pediatrician appointment wound up being 30 minutes before my appointment and the offices are within a block of one another. So, while not the ideal situation,  I figured it'd be quick and maybe the nurse would entertain Gwen while business was taken care of.

The doctor was an hour late which meant an hour of me, not dressed from the waist down, keeping Gwen out of cabinets containing obstetrician things and out of the garbage can. In a tiny room for an hour. By the time the doctor finally came to us, all was lost. Gwyneth had behaved beyond well for the past hour, coloring, playing naptime on the bed, eating pizza, pooping, etc.

She's an inquisitive child.

So........after two minutes of coloring once the doctor came in, she wanted to see what was going on, down there.

Lets just say that I pray that she's not making memories and this day is long erased from her memory. I wonder how the children of parents who include their children in the births of their siblings fair as grown ups. Because I wasn't even in labor or writhing in pain while my vagina was bursting open and it was traumatizing for both of us.

From this day forward, Gwyneth will never be accompanying me to the lady doctor no matter how dire the situation. Because really, I don't want to have to hear her talk about that in therapy when she's older.

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