October 25, 2012

Grandma Pencilled Us In

My mom is a very busy lady. She's a jet setter, driving to California from Las Vegas for the weekend, flying out to Orlando  and sometimes, if I whine enough (to which she does not tolerate, btw. She slapped me down via text, using her very best mom text voice and "young lady") and send her over enthusiastic emails comparing gas prices to airfare, she'll pencil us in for a weekend. We like to refer to her as Gwen's curly headed toy because my god, she can entertain that child for hours on end with her crazy antics. You know, like giving Gwen toy spiders and showing how to put them in her mouth and spit them onto the dog? Those kind of things.

And ever since Gwen began laughing my mom can get her to laugh nonstop. It's a constant laughing party the minute Grandma walks through that door. We used to be jealous of how much laughter she could elicit from our reserved baby, but we've moved on from those feelings now that Gwen doses out laughter .

Thanks for making the trip Mom, we loved every minute of it and are super bummed you don't live down the street. Won't you guys think seriously about a move up to Reno? We can go camping, boating, it's not 110 degrees. Eh?

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