October 2, 2012

A Weekend Celebration

This weekend we celebrated the September birthdays in the family with the monthly get together. Oh, right, my birthday was back on September 18th and we had a low key celebration at home which involved going out for In-n-Out the night before my actual birthday. I also ate a gross cake pop from Starbucks. How do they get away with calling those cake pops? I swear it was raw cake batter covered in chocolate. It was so gross I couldn't finish it. You should be ashamed Starbucks, ashamed.

Anyways, we replicated August's soiree and had a grand ol' time noshing on Mimi's Cafe and ice cream pies.

Gwen got to drive a truck. Or more accurately, use one as a jungle gym.This picture cracks me up. If you look closely you can see her excited uncle snapping the picture. All of Gwen's uncles (she has three of them) are completely smitten with her. I never imagined the 15-year-old to be the one who's constanly concerned and in love with her. But he is. That little girl is most definitely reaping the benefits of being the first grandchild.

All in all a good time was had by all.

I think I finally just got through my clearance partyware and the crepe paper remnants from other parties I've had stashed in my closet for two years now.  I even used up the last of my thank you card stash which means I get to buy more! Oh how I love the art of stationary. It seems like thank you cards are the only survivors of the lost cause. Invitaitons are too expensive, nobody RSVPs anymore and who mails greeting cards anymore besides my mom and sister? As often as I think about mailing letters or cards, I can never seem to get my act together in regards to mailing them. This has taken years and piles of wasted greeting cards for me to admit to myself. I'm sorry to let you down Mom, I've tried, I really have.

I also read this post last week, and think you should too: The Thank You Card Dilemma by Life Rearranged. It's funny and so true, except replace thank you card with greeting card for me. I pride myself on my thank you card follow through. Ok, a few weeks late, but they always get sent.

And now, I leave you with this cute picture taken by Gwen with her grammy.



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