October 3, 2012

Get Your Exercise On At Baby Boot Camp Free Demo Class

Awhile ago Jake, Gwen and I were playing at a park alongside another family. They played until a grandmother came to pick up the kids and do you know what the couple did with their free time? They straight up started jogging. Like, oh, we have no kids and can do anything we want. Let's jog.

God I want us to be those people so bad. To not automatically run to a restaurant and gorge yourselves on an overpriced meal? To exercise?! We are so not those people.

I also get bummed every time I see pictures of groups at Color me Rad or Mud runs, or the Tahoe Odyssey. I sooo want to be one of those people who train alongside friends and get to go run through mud and get all color-fied.

Honestly, I wouldn't even know where to start but I'm thinking Baby Boot Camp would be a good place. A place to go and meet other moms where you can bring your children and workout. Shoot.

I'm bummed I won't be able to join in on this fun demo celebration class because it sounds like the right step to becoming those aforementioned exercise-centric people. Those of you who aren't working and able to make it, will you go?

And then when you run by me with your stroller all awesome and participating in cool fun runs and what not, tell them Lauren sent you. And think of me all lonesome and un-exercised as you upload your photos to Facebook.

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