November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Trick or treating was a success. After some minimal struggling getting into the costume which was solved with candy bribery, we headed out the front door to our neighborhood.

The little monkey had no clue what was going on as we walked up to her first house, one complete with spooky music and scary hanging zombies. After keeping her from waltzing right into the neighbor's house once she relaized that she got candy, the game was on.

Three or four houses later we looped back to our home and Gwen ran up to our door and straight inside, as if all the pressure of not being allowed to walk into the other ones was too much to bear.

All in all a great, cute little Halloween. Gwyneth ate far too much candy but still went to bed at a reasonable hour, thank goodness. I'm fairly certain she ate a cookie for dinner.

Now, it can't go without saying that it is a damn tragedy that hardly anyone trick or treats door -to-door anymore. We met some neighbors we've been meaning to meet, setup a playdate and had some people who live down the street comment on how they've been watching Gwen grow since she was teeny tiny baby (in a communal non creepy way). The weather was perfect, Gwen relished in the ability to run in the street and not once would we ever imagine anyone kidnapping her or sticking razor blades in the candy that we all ate, without incident.

Have we so little faith in the people we live next door to, who we see on a daily basis? Are we so afraid of our own community we've chosen to live in, to raise our children in that we will drive to a shopping center, pet shelter or museum to have our kids trick or treat?

Let me leave you with this: what makes any of the employees of Legends or Humane Society volunteers (none of any who are background checked) any less of a danger than your neighbors?

Next year, go door to door. It's a shame that there were so few trick or treaters at our door last night.

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