November 1, 2012

Victorian Square is Somewhat Neat?

Alright folks, I've been to Victorian Square numerous times. We are frequenters of the great establishments down there like The Great Basin and Los Tres Hombres and have been for years. I worked at the Starbucks that was down there for a long time. I drug my bridesmaids to that bridal boutique too many times to count and have gone to plenty a movie at the movie theater.

I've always kind of disliked Victorian Square.

Like any citizen in Sparks we've attended the usual events that take place in Victorian Square: Hot August Nights, the Rib Cookoff, the Christmas parade, Farmer's Market. And while I live for a good Christmas parade or tree lighting, I have come to REALLY hate the rib cookoff and the farmer's market and Victorian Square by proxy.

I never understood the whole "Victorian" part aside from the five buildings that look a little old fashioned, but not victorian. And I never could get behind the atmosphere that they're clearly trying to go for, which I'm assuming is something like Old Southwest Reno? To me, it's always been dodgy bars with a few good restaurants littered with an occasional bum.

I, ahem, think I just described all of Sparks.

So, this weekend, we had plans to hit up the Pumpkin Palooza, which was held in Victorian Square. We waited until after naptime to go, which I've now learned you should not do. Any event that's put on for the public never lasts until it says it does. This one was ambitious with hours from 12-7pm. We got there around 4pm and everything was being packed up. Because really, you can't expect people to willingly stand around, bored out of their gourds while at a booth for more than 2-3 hours, trust me, I've been there.

So, after I threw a hissy fit to display my frustrations, we went over to the train and school house that have always been there. In 10 years of living in Reno I have not once even thought about going into these things because when the street is packed with hoards of people the attractions get overlooked.

And sweet mother of pearl, how awesome is that stuff? The train cars are gorgeous and fun.

And the school house is too cute. All I can think of is how amazing these spots would be for family photos. Seeing as I'm not a photographer, I'm sure they'd suck because of difficult lighting, but it'd be so cute to have all your kids in the chairs with Mom and Dad at the front of the class. You know?

Anyways, I suppose I'll give Victorian Square a break. That doesn't mean I don't still believe everything I just mentioned, but it helps me to appreciate it a little more when I'm sweaty and standing in a crowd in 100 degree heat trying to eat ribs without a freaking table.


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