November 23, 2012

Off the Ol' Camera

Before leaving for our trip to CA for Thanksgiving I had to purge my little camera to make room for the oodles of pictures that will inevitably be taken. We are going to spend the holiday with family and friends at my grandparent's home, where I grew up making most of my childhood memories and haven't been to visit in quite a few years. I can't wait to fill that memory card right back up with so many new memories. Meanwhile, this is what came off the camera from regular old life.

All of the sudden Gwyneth's little brain totally gets the shape sorter toys I've been forcing on her for over a year now. And then she goes and stacks them up like this and the sense of accomplishment beaming from her was beyond too much. She even said "cheese" while posing with it.

This kid loves to read. And also loves that backpack. And monkey.

Homer, the dog who can work a set of puppy eyes like it's nobody's business. This may have been a huge part of why he came home from the Humane Society with me after I volunteered there for two days. Oh yea, I just came across this post about Homer, you should read that.

I didn't have the heart to inform her that the heels don't go with the backpack. And she doesn't have the brain development to snap back "I've seen what you wear, Mom" yet, so we're even.

Hope you had a pleasant Thanksgiving and Happy Weekend.


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