January 17, 2013

Is it Friday Yet?


Last night we were greeted with dog throw up and poo when we walked through the door after a long day at work. Due to the recent cold temps we've been letting the dogs crash in the house while we're gone for 11 hrs a day. This has gone surprisingly well for the last few weeks, with not a single accident. Then we ran out of their overpriced, fancy dog food. So we ran to Walmart and got them kibbles and bits, thinking what a treat! A new tasty dog food that tastes like beef and vegetables? You can see the kibbles and the bits! Naturally, this screwed them all up. Lets just say we don't buy them the more expensive food by choice.

Trying to pick up the droppings, i couldn't help but gag, over and over. When I gag, it's loud and maybe slightly ridiculous. The baby found this to be hilarious and immediately began mimicking me. This led to a firm recommendation from Jake to take the baby somewhere for dinner.

So, we had a little mommy daughter date at Taco Bell. When we came home the house was fixed and all the monstrosity of what occurred between those poor sick puppies
in our lonesome quiet house was gone. We were sure to give them plenty of love and get them their usual food.

And can i just say, good lord, could this week seem any longer? I thought last week was pretty terrible, but I'll be damned if this week didn't creep right up for the competition. Please weekend, get here fast.