January 23, 2013

Mickey Mouse Pancakes

Over the weekend Gwen and I made some Mickey Mouse pancakes and she was adorably excited about them. I want to say this was her first experience but we all know a two year old couldn't make it two years without having a mickey mouse pancake. What I mean is that this is the first time she's appreciated it. 

The first time I made them, when she was still a wee-tot, she hadn't the foggiest who this Mickey guy was. Then we went out to breakfast and ordered her a Minnie Mouse pancake that, to her horror, had whipped cream on it. Meanwhile, she's grown fond of Minnie Mouse, thanks to her family buying her all sorts of Minnie Mouse related things and I can only assume she's watched a Mickey cartoon here or there at daycare, because the girl knows who he is. 

It was a big moment for us.  Mickey Mouse pancakes are such a great childhood memory of mine and I'm glad we get to start sharing moments like these. Plus, I'm glad that something as simple as three pancakes together with chocolate chips makes something cool for her, unlike this Dad who goes all crazy awesome with his pancakes.