January 26, 2013

Notice Anything Different?

Back in the day when I made a last ditch effort at making money from this blog I followed the advice of successful bloggers and switched to Wordpress. This, they said, was the best way to ensure cash flow from your blog. It also meant a lot of work, monthly payments and a harder to use interface. I went from amateur blogger who fiddled around with Photoshop and some various HTML code to an accidental web designer (albeit, not a very good one) when all was said and done. 

Then there came a time when I got a job with a steady paycheck and suddenly breaking even on paying for a web domain just didn’t make sense anymore. This was especially true as my focus grew farther from this blog, which made it dangerously close to not breaking even.

So, I switched back to Blogger, which is why you’ll notice you got kicked back to www.renosparksmom.blogspot.com when you visited my site. The old design was clunky, hard to manage and didn’t have a mobile feature, which is why it looked like complete crap on your iphones and ipads. I decided we needed to de-clutter and get back to the basics.

I’ve set it up so if you’ll be redirected to the proper address if you use the old one, which should last for a while longer, so have no fear. The classic renosparksmom.com will still be relevant. 

There is one thing that you’ll have to do if you’re tuning in via a reader: You’ll have to re-subscribe by clicking on the RSS link in my social media button bar. I know it’s a pain, I hate doing it myself but it’ll be worth it if you do, promise.

So thank you for sticking around, I think this will be a great change and will lead to more posts, as Blogger eliminates a lot of the time consuming steps Wordpress required. So, lets get back to the basics, shall we?