January 28, 2013

The Weekend

On Friday I left my bra on and did the grocery shopping after the baby went to bed. You see, awhile back we decided grocery shopping was taking up our entire weekends. By the time we all got out of the house to get to Costco, it was the afternoon, which was then spent shopping. After finishing our shopping our Saturday was basically over. So we started doing it on Friday nights after we put the baby down for bed. For the past few months, Jake’s been the one to bundle up and head out to the ransacked stores to provide for our family, just like Pa from Little House on the Prairie.

Except this Friday I had energy. I wasn’t passed out on the couch under a blanket at 8:15 promptly as has been the norm for the past few months. And I was going to do the shopping. While I was out in all my new found womanly energy, I figured why not go ahead and run those pesky errands that had been nagging me for weeks?

And so I went to four stores on Friday night and didn’t get home until 10:15 pm. I had one mild anxiety attack when Target announced they were closing in half an hour, but after looking at all the other shoppers who didn’t give a hoot-n-nanny about it, I carried on getting my freezer bags and new shoes. And did you know that Kohl’s is open until 11pm? While seemingly ridiculous, it was especially convenient since I hate going to Kohl’s and was glad to check that errand from the list.

And thus, we had a rockin’ weekend from then forward. Tasty meals were made, laundry was done (my god, the laundry will be the death of me), floors vacuumed and laughter ensued. 

Today Gwen is hanging with her grandparents because her daycare provider got the flu. Does this mean doomsday at the Sunderlands is soon to follow? Time will only tell, but we are praying our mightiest that by some miracle it will pass right over our curly headed young lady. Come on immune system we’ve been building up for the past two years! Mama didn't willingly leave that shopping cart cover off for no reason.

So here’s to a week without the flu and for pretty hairdos, like mine worked out to be today.