February 21, 2013

Memories, One Mess At A Time

Gwyneth has always joined me in the kitchen while I make cupcakes. It’s been a fun way to judge her development and see the different stages she’s going through.

For instance, she went through the sitting up stage where she sat on the counter and observed everything going on. If only I knew how easy it was when I thought it was so hard. Then she moved onto the curious stage which involved a lot of me saying ‘don’t touch the mixer’ and now she’s into the ‘I want to do everything stage.’ This stage requires a lot more patience on my behalf as ingredients get tossed in haphazardly and 90% of the time completely miss the bowl.

 It’s always a lesson I need to remind myself of each and every time: the mess will be cleaned up in an hour, but the memories we’re making will last forever. So as I cringed while the powdered sugar  flung about the kitchen and all over our clothes, it was the moment when she tasted it and realized the powder was pure delicious that I remembered why I made sure to not make the cupcakes after she went to bed.  

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