February 19, 2013

A Visit From Grandma

I was talking to my sister when the conversation led to how my mom was coming up for the weekend. I told her all about how I feel kind of bad because she comes up to visit and we don’t ever have any plans, wind up hanging out around the house and this inevitably leads to my mom doing our chores.

And what do you think happened this weekend? Just that.

She says she still enjoys herself, even though she picked up 3 months’ worth of dog matter, raked a Fall’s worth of leaves and re-organized our garage once again.

One thing I know for sure is that Gwyneth had the time of her life and we were terrified of the broken heart she might have upon waking up this morning to discover her favoritest person in the whole world was gone.  

But in her wake my mom left Mickey and Minnie paraphernalia, rejuvenated parents who went on a glorious, most wonderful date and were able to knock off a few to-do’s thanks to the live-in babysitting.

So Gwen will run around with her new Minnie doll that’s threatening monkey’s very existence until the next time airfares dip so low we can’t afford to not have another visit.

Thanks for visiting Mom we (especially Gwen) loved every minute of it. 

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Tessa said...

They are too cute!! Grandma's are the best.