March 6, 2013

Another First Tea Party

This is Emma, she's 7 weeks old and this weekend Gwen and I got to attend her first tea party, as is tradition among our group of girlfriends. We brought our tea cups, sipped tea and noshed on delicious brunch alongside a sleeping, adorable Emma. 
Thanks to darling Emma we got a sneak peak of how Gwyneth might be with her sibling come July. All was fun and cute until I was holding her. Gwyneth got a slight tinge of jealousy shown by crawling into my lap, shoving the baby out of the way. Can't wait for July! But don't worry, Emma's too cute to let that bother her and carried on being all squishy and newborn. 

Kristie and Tiffany you were missed. Emma and Tessa, we miss you already.