March 5, 2013

Tulips, Gross Chicken and Pretty Wontons

Lately our weekends have been busy and to our surprise, enjoyable. You see, we closed ourselves off from plans for the past few months mainly because we were all sick but also because it just became a way of life. How would we get everything the weekend calls for accomplished by Monday if we were off having fun with our family and friends?

Enter these past few weekends, which have been chock full of fun with family and friends and come Monday, we feel even more rejuvenated and prepared for the upcoming week than when we didn't have plans. Is it magic? Could be.

This weekend was the perfect example. I got a little anxious when I re-checked an email for Gwen's swim lessons we signed her up for and noticed it started on Saturday. We already had dinner plans for Saturday and a tea party to go to on Sunday and oh no! Something else??

The swim class was great, low-key, low-stress and didn't deserve the amount of preparation this pregnant mama put into finding a bathing suit in her drawers that would work. It was also short, which left plenty of time for our dinner plans, which, as pictured above, were fun. Not entirely all delicious, but fun. My brother-in-law and his girlfriend brought over cream cheese wontons, which were beautiful and delicious and quite the little treat seeing as none of us had ever made them before. And thank goodness for those wontons, because I wanted to try something new for the main dish, so we tried this Double Crunch Honey Chicken recipe. Not only did it take forever to bread and fry, the sauce totally ruined it while wasting $10 worth of honey on it in the process. I hate trying new things.

But we played games, Gwen got to play with outsiders and I got to buy tulips and get out my wrinkled table cloth. And added benefits from having guests over for dinner, aside from the obvious delight in socializing?  Your house gets cleaned in a frenzy and you get home improvement/nesting projects you've been meaning to do finished.

Thanks for always forcing us out of our hermitting, Alex and Rina, it's always a pleasure.