March 13, 2013

It's A......

Our little baby decided to cooperate for its ultrasound, revealing not only its sex but also its healthy brain, spine, legs, arms and other things we should be concerned about. Click "read more" to find out!

And cue the sigh that comes along when you announce you're having another wonderful little girl instead of that much sought after one boy one girl combo. To this I say, don't be ridiculous!

I had been worried about being let down about the whole boy nonsense but that quickly faded as smiles crossed over both our faces when the word "girl" came out of the ultrasound tech's mouth.

What's that I feel? Happiness! Happiness that we get to add another little darling girl to our family, who I get to deck out in even more bows, headbands and dresses (and more importantly not have to buy that many more bows, headbands or dresses thanks to her older sister).

Don't for one second ask us if we're happy or if we're going to keep trying for that boy. That's not the goal here folks, it never was. We wanted to add to our family and that's just what we're doing, one little girl at a time and we couldn't be more delighted.