April 13, 2013

Back Home

Well, the fans are out and we've returned home. Lets just say that when you leave in a rush after you've packed up part of your kitchen in a rush, your house looks just like that's what you did upon your return. It's a mess.

We spent most of today catching up on our sleep while trying to figure out how to feed ourselves with a trip to the coolest wheelchair accessible park in Sparks.

Tomorrow will be spent at a girlfriend's while we use her laundry facilities. We might try and squeeze in some grocery shopping, as we hope to eat like civilized human beings next week. All our tummies aren't agreeing with the last week of eating out.

As of now we've found a contractor and are ready for phase 2, rebuilding. We sat and discussed with each other what we like and dislike about our kitchen and to think that we're going to be able to change the dislikes is pretty neat.

Until then, we'll wait patiently and on Monday we just might have a motor home parked in our backyard to accommodate our lack of a kitchen. Yeehaw!

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