April 30, 2013

Hiking on A Saturday

On Saturday we went for a hike up at Galena Creek. Have you been? I went once, it was my first stint with the moms club I belonged to and it was terrible. I couldn’t find the group and piggy backed off two other women who also couldn’t find anyone and we went on a trail that isn’t meant for mothers with 6 month olds in strollers. But the scenery was unbeatable, especially when it’s such a short drive from town.

So to scratch that outdoor foresty vibe I’ve been hankering for since the turn in weather, we packed it up and headed to the creek. To the same trail I went on before. We discovered that it’s just not a child-friendly trail. Go down to the Visitors Center where there’s a paved one sans cliffs that drop off into fast moving creeks if you’ve got the kids with you.

That being said, we had a blast. Gwen ran around freely jumping from rock to rock, slipping on pine needles and running off the trail as toddlers do. Meanwhile we enjoyed the scenery and got to scratch the itch of going “somewhere” that didn’t cost us a fortune and got us out of the house.  And the best part? The trail got steep, which meant it slowed down our speedy little Gwen, who is becoming harder and harder to keep up with nowadays.

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